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Architecture is a design art which has an impact on the world around us like no other art has. Architecture influences the way we live and shapes our surroundings.

Our design team pursues quality and service towards our clients from the start of the design process up until the delivery of the project to the client. To achieve this goal Archimago works together with different partners and consultants. Every client is served by designing projects suited to the clients needs and possibilities.
Safety Coördination

Accidents happen. Fatalities are not uncommon. Danger looms on construction sites.

Safe workplaces require more then skilled and responsible workman, they require an evolving safety and action plan. Safety starts during the design-process, Archimago has the expertise to maintain a view on these aspects from the start of every project.
Interior Design

The continuity of the same design team for the interior of a project makes the totality much richer and intense.

Our team does not see a division between the design of the shell of a building and that of its interiors. It is part of the evolution in the design process and the total architectural experience.

Our design team offers consultation services to clients which range from every aspect involved in the interior of projects, furniture, lighting, artwork, etc ... all make up the totality of an interior design project.

Visualisation is more then a tool for making great presentations. For Archimago visualisation is a design-tool which can evolve into an artform by itself. It is the essence of our architectural vision and the origin of the name of our studio.

Archimago was awarded many CGI prizes in recent years. As a result of this Archimago became a Beta-testsite for Discreet at the end of the 1990s. Our knowledge in this field is an extra service clients can make use of in the design-process.
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